Waste &

Waste & recycling finance solutions

Our Fundis have a wealth of commercial financing experience in a wide range of different sectors and industries, including financing waste management and recycling. Allow a Fundi finance broker to sit down with you to discuss your funding needs. We’ll use our expertise to put together a funding plan to help your business develop.

Waste financing

Our team will really get to know your company, to secure exactly the right business finance solution for you. We’ll help you keep your waste and recycling firm moving forward. Whether you need commercial finance for skips or skip wagons, a picking line, scrap handlers, shredders, or loans for any other waste or recycling requirements, we have financed it all!

Finance for recycling

At Fundi we pride ourselves on supporting green initiatives and have the funding panel in place to support your recycling efforts. Allow us to join you in planning your funding strategy for the growth of your recycling business.

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