Small business
start ups.

Finance for start ups and small businesses

Looking for a small or start up business loan? Our finance solutions for small businesses can be tailored to support you from the very beginning or assist small and medium-sized businesses as they develop and grow.

Maybe you need to purchase assets to help you get work? Let us source the right funding package for you from the wide range of start up friendly funders we work with.

Our specialist broker team offer friendly advice and effective solutions so you can be sure your UK SME or start up business receives just the right financing solution for you.

Small business unsecure loan

A great financing option for a start up or SME when cash is needing to support plans.

Funds are paid directly into your small business account and then repaid, with interest, over an agreed term.

Start up loans

Cash is never more important than in your first years of trading, however this is often the time finance is most difficult to source.

Let us take this off your plate by discussing your specific requirements with our funder panel so we can secure the best deal available to get you up and running – allowing you to focus on the rest of your start up activity.

SME invoice finance

An excellent solution in place of an overdraft facility, or to ease cashflow pressures for SMEs.

As an expert UK invoice finance broker, Fundi will assist you, so you get your invoices paid instantly, rather than waiting for the payment terms period to elapse. The funder will provide you with a percentage of the invoice amount which can be paid right away, with interest charged until payment is received.

A great tool to ease cash pressures.

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